For over a decade now ‘Created Gems’ has been one of the most sought after names for high-quality lab created Emeralds and the hottest selling product Moissanite. Born from the stars, Moissanite is a more responsibly sourced yet charcteristic of more fire and brilliance than traditional diamond, is the gem of the future. Established in 2001, ‘Created Gems’ is a trusted supplier for premium cut and polished stones in variety of shapes and sizes to retailers and jewellery manufacturers in India and across the globe. 

In year 2009, Charles & Colvard (USA), the largest and only producer of genuine Moissanite, appointed ‘Created Gems’ as one of the largest distributor in Asia. Based in India, we are now the largest and most authentic source of Charles & Colvard created Moissanites in Asia for B2B supplies of loose Moissanite stones, as well as large to small gems. genuine products with fastest delivery.