Loose Moissanite Stone

“The only thing that sparkles like an emerald is a loose moissanite cushion cut stone.”


 While some prefer crystals and faceted stones up to half a carat in size, others prefer pale tan to green to black centimeter-size. Whatever the demand, we deliver to you exquisite precious stone stellers that sparkle even more than you expect.


From bullet cut matching pair moissanite loose stone for jewelry to fancy cut loose stone for side stone, we have it all. Buy a loose stone and have more choices.


Need for moissanite loose stone


It is more cost-effective to buy moissanite loose stone rather than a set. They are a great option for customization option. Buy loose stone and had it turn into the beautiful custom jewelry of your choice.

  1. Fancy cut Moissanite loose stone for making customized engagement rings
  2. Big-size moissanite loose stone for vintage jewelry
  3. Cushion cut loose Moissanite for bridal ring gift
  4. Cut colorless loose Moissanite stone for a custom pendant chain.


With loose stone, you become the master of design.


Set a loose stone in the exact engagement ring or jewelry design you want. Most high-quality moissanite is sold loose, and not already set in a ring. That’s because when you buy a loose stone you have more choice: you can get exactly the shape, size, and quality you want.


This allows you to gift jewelry and freedom at the same time–The receiver can take their loose stone to a store and get custom jewelry built according to their tastes.


Find Graded quality Moissanite loose stone

The world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) inspects each gem under a 10X jeweler’s loupe. This rule out the chance of any impurities that can inhibit the grading process and ensures that only the best stones are sold to our customers.


What makes Loose stone unique

The cushion-cut moissanite loose stones resemble diamond cuts in terms of brilliance and sparkle. Loose stones are sold separately from anything surrounding them or encasing them.

  • Loose gems are typically higher-quality stones that have been expertly cut and polished.
  • Loose stones have a good history of rising in value over time, making them an excellent investment for those who appreciate fine gemstones and exquisite jewelry.
  • World’s most scintillating gemstones
  • Loose stones are produced with excellent fire and brilliance technology that are ideal for ring and pendant applications.
  • Moissanite loose stones come with ultimate sparkle and forever shine.

Moissanite in India

Moissanite in India provides a fabulous fusion of classic and contemporary designs. Find spectacular diamond rings, Columbian emeralds, dazzling moissanite earrings, and a whole range of an enthralling set of moissanite jewelry .studded with cushion cut stones that add to
its brilliance.



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